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Previous webinar: Mind Flip: Transform your career and get the work you want

Would you like to get the work you really want, get paid what you are worth or sell yourself with more confidence?  Perhaps you are fed up with being told that the best jobs come through your network: what happens if you don’t have a network?  Or can’t bear writing cheesy personal statements and elevator pitches?

Executive Coach & Speaker Zena Everett has written a career management book called Mind Flip, for everyone from Graduate to Granddad, to fix these dilemmas.

The Mind Flip conceptis a simple, yet profound shift in how you think about what you do.  It is simply to stop thinking about yourself.  Instead, shift your focus from your circumstances to the circumstances of those around you.  Change your narrative to look in the other direction: not on you, but on the solution you offer to other people. What value do you, uniquely provide?  Once you really understand this – your unique skillset and personal brand – then come up with concrete examples to prove it.  Looking at your work this way gives you two outcomes:

  • You create opportunities for yourself, rather than looking for jobs with everyone else.  Who has a problem that you, uniquely, can solve?  You become ‘Marmite, not Vanilla’, with a unique, differentiated cocktail of experience that puts you in demand.
  •  Your work becomes more fulfilling because you find purpose and meaning in what you do. 

These techniques allow you to charge what you are worth, differentiate yourself in talent pools and smash glass – or even class – ceilings.  Mary Creagh MP said that ‘It is refreshing to see a career book that unpacks the bias in organisations- and in our own heads that stops us from fulfilling our dreams.’

In this webinar to mark the launch of her book, Zena will explain the Mind Flip paradigm and help you to flip your focus onto the value you offer. 

This free webinar is for anyone looking to feel more in control of their professional lives, including job seekers, career changers, parents or carers returning to work and older professionals.  Zena will give us a synopsis of the methods in the book, including from her chapters for working parents (‘Don’t Mind the Gap’), and older workers (‘Rip off your Cardie’).

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