The Smooth Return Course | Capability Jane

The Smooth Return Course

The Smooth Return Course is a 4-week online coaching course specifically designed to support professional women returning to work after maternity leave. 

During the course participants will: 

  • Learn how to boost their confidence after having time out of the office 
  • Get clear on their post-baby career vision and goals
  • Learn strategies to manage the logistics of working parent life (childcare, flexible working requests, time management etc) 
  • Understand how to leverage their unique strengths so that they can work smarter instead of harder 
  • Create a 90-day plan to set themselves up for success when they first return to work. 

The course also includes master classes from guest experts on nutrition for busy mums, developing a personal brand and creating a winning CV / Linkedin profile. 

If you want to prepare for a calm and confidence return to work experience, sign up here