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Do you love your LinkedIn profile? When job hunting it pays to give LinkedIn some attention

To outsource HR or recruit in-house? A question that many businesses deliberate over. Here we look at the Pros, Cons and Costs of each, to help businesses make that decision.

Human Resources Salary – what do HR professionals get paid? 

 When it comes to attracting quality hires, it’s important to know what they expect to be paid. Do you know what the average Human Resources salary is?  

At Capability Jane we’re often presented with organisations that have reached an impasse in their growth. Often, early SME success is achieved by founders or members of the senior team acting in multiple roles, handling everything from marketing, to sales, HR, and Finance. In order to stabilise and grow, these companies need to recruit senior professionals for key roles.

Research conducted by the Trades Union Congress in London in 2016 indicated that as many as 1.5 million people are working from home, approximately a quarter of a million more than a decade ago. One can say that, in a sense, the conventional office is slowly dying.

The world of work is constantly changing, shifting to meet the needs of both employers and employees. For the modern worker, flexibility has become the cause célèbre. No longer happy with the archaic nine to five structure, today’s workers strive for work-life balance, and employers who are open to this new way, are starting to witness the benefits.

When it comes to workplace trends, flexible working is undoubtedly the definitive trend of the 21st century. From humble beginnings where flexible working was limited to part-time offerings or reduced hours, flexible working is reaching new heights, changing the world of work forever. Flexible working isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a paradigm shift, changing how employees and employers interact, work, and grow. Look around and you can see a generation of tech savvy workers enjoying a boom in flexible working options

Business growth; most of us want it, but many companies are struggling to achieve it. At Capability Jane, we often talk to business owners who’ve reached a plateau. Whilst they have ambitious plans for growth, they invariably face limiting factors that are holding them back. Most commonly, we hear they are struggling to find the talent they need.

The Flexible Job Design Imperative

The way in which people work is changing rapidly and traditional full-time ways of working are no longer valid.  Advancing technologies, changing demographics and new societal values are creating a significant need for more flexible ways of working. For employers, the ability to offer flexible and part-time working is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but an essential talent strategy and source of competitive advantage.

In the early stages of a business, it's not uncommon for the founders or owners to take full responsibility of the finance function. As the company grows, inevitably there comes a time where the finance function needs strategic vision, governance, and additional people power. Hiring a Finance Director can be a great start.