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 Part time and flexible working recruitment

We founded Capability Jane Recruitment in 2007 to fill a gap in the market for a specialist recruitment business that focuses on sourcing talented executives on a part-time or flexible basis. Our origins stem from tapping into a pool of talented women and men who leave the corporate world in search of roles that offer more flexibility, and from working with innovative growing businesses and teams looking for exceptional talent but not on a full-time basis.

We are passionate about placing talented individuals with forward thinking organisations motivated by talent, performance and outputs not nine-to-five routine. We have created the proprietary network of professional candidates seeking £40,000+ (or £250+/day) part time, flexible or job share roles in the UK.

Capability Jane Recruitment works with forward thinking organisations who recognise the benefits of being able to access a different talent pool by providing genuinely flexible and part time career opportunities. We are working towards a world where flexibility, part-time and job sharing is the norm, not the exception and where organisations embrace innovative ways of working as a source of competitive advantage.

For some of our clients, it is about accessing a new talent pool, for others, it is about improving gender diversity. For many, it is about recognising the significant advantage of being able to secure a more senior experienced part time person, for the same budget as a junior full timer.

We specialise in sourcing high calibre, part time and flexible candidates, predominantly at management level, including:

Our Recruitment Services are entirely focused on part time and flexible working; we assist with permanent , fixed term contract , interim , non-executive and job share recruitment. We also offer job board and advertising services and we are pleased to recruit for many Returner Programmes offered by an increasing number of global organisations seeking to widen their talent pool.


Permanent part time roles are very popular with organisations that want to have the advantage of working with an executive, strategic employee. Hiring permanent part time talent enables our clients to plan for the long term. We can help you to hire talent that can develop and grow along with your business. It can be cost effective too. Bringing finance or legal resources in-house on a permanent contract can be far more affordable in the long term than using third party external providers.

Fixed term contract

Fixed term contracts offer flexibility to bring in specialist skills and knowledge for a specific project or to cover for absence. If your business has a talent gap but you do not know if it is a permanent need, then a contract based role could suit you.


Interim offers even more flexibility. Capability Jane Recuitment has access to exceptional candidates who are available for project work. More than 60% of our candidates are immediately available to step into roles on a short term basis. Our interims work as self-employed consultants bringing immediate knowledge and skills into your team. Many of our clients ask us to help them recruit to build pools of associates who can be brought in to deal with peaks and troughs and client projects.

Non-executive roles

We are the ultimate destination for experienced executives seeking part time opportunities of which approximately 30% are looking for non-executive directorship roles and we have sourcing channels and methodologies that give us access to a stellar pool of candidates.

What sets us apart from any other provider of non-executive directors is that 80% of our shortlisted candidates will be women. We absolutely do not discriminate, and will always present and recommend the best candidate for the job irrespective of gender. However, by the nature of our service, market approach, recruitment methodology and the sourcing channels we use, we have shifted the pendulum such that, for every short-list we present, the majority of our candidates are female.

Job share recruitment

We are the first and only specialist recruitment firm that focuses specifically on sourcing senior executive job share partners. If you have not yet seen the innovative work we have been doing in this space please take a look at The Job Share Project , we are very proud of our in-depth expertise and what we have managed to achieve. Our job share recruitment service helps organisations, big and small to:

  • Source a compatible external job share partner to match with an existing employee.
  • Find two (or more) compatible and well-matched external candidates to work in a job share partnership in a full time role.

Through our work, we have built a primary destination job share brand for senior professionals seeking job share opportunities. Supplementing this with specialist channels and sourcing methodologies, we have access to the largest population of prospective executive job share partners in the UK.

Job board/advertising services

Capability Jane Recruitment can offer unrivalled access to the professional part time and returner communities and in addition to traditional recruitment services, we provide a range of job board and advertising services.

From advertising a flexible opportunity or finding a job share partner, to sourcing candidates for a tailored recruitment event, Capability Jane Recruitment can provide unrivalled access to the professional part time and returner communities. Our member base exceeds 20,000 and our experience of engaging with senior part time talent makes us the ideal sourcing and promotion partner. Please contact us to find out more about our job board and promotion services.

Returner sourcing and talent pooling

We recruit Returners for hiring programmes and help manage talent pools of Returner talent and we ensure you have your target number of Returner candidates for your hiring programme 

The concept of Returning Professional Internships (Returnships) was pioneered and trademarked in the USA by Goldman Sachs in 2008, and many other large financial institutions have followed suit including Morgan Stanley.

Returnships are paid contracts for typically 12 weeks. They enable individuals to work on commercial projects, based on their previous experience and areas of expertise. By the end of the programme, the employer then has the opportunity to offer a permanent role to those who have proven to be a strong fit to the organisation.

In 2014 Morgan Stanley launched their Returnship programme in the UK and we worked closely with them to attract and engage with potential candidates for the programme. Capability Jane Recruitment provided 50% of the candidates placed on the programme, and subsequently a number of our candidates were offered and accepted permanent senior level roles in Fixed Income, HR, Equities and Tech and Data.

Within our network at Capability Jane  Recruitment we have many talented and professional individuals who have taken an extended voluntary career break, often following a maternity leave or perhaps to care for sick or elderly relatives.

Capability Jane Recruitment has had great success supporting returnship programmes as a specialist sourcing and promotion channel. Please contact us to find out how we could support your business.

Gender diversity talent pooling

We develop and manage a talent pool of senior female candidates by building a pool of an agreed number of females candidates for specific roles or business areas. We will provide you with a pool of target candidates ready to engage on current or future opportunities and provide insights into the desired employment proposition and your company perception.

Please contact us to find out how we could support your business.